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The Potter's Clinic
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Expertise in Mental Health, Learning Disabilities,Trauma & Addiction

**Accepting New Patients, Ages 5-75**

Most Insurance Accepted!

Now offering Tele-psychiatry for our stable patients!

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The Potters Behavioral Medicine Clinic is set up with the total well-being of the patient in mind. Our goal is to go beyond treating the symptoms to address the root issue of the problem wherever possible. Mental health symptoms often mimic symptoms of other disorders such as hypothyroidism, hyperthyroidism, and low testosterone, side effects of other medications, poor nutrition or even drug abuse.

We address the spirit, soul, and the body in a private and confidential setting. We are here to serve you with a team of multi-specialty professionals with years of experience; including a Board Certified Psychiatrist, Primary Care Physician, Board Certified Addiction Medicine Specialist, Therapists and Counselors. We engage cutting edge scientific modalities in a Christ friendly and Christ centered environment.  We do not believe that medication is a quick fix for every patient and therefore we engage a variety of treatment modalities; these include therapy and biofeedback for A.D.H.D.

Your first visit is a psychiatric consultation in which labs will be ordered. On your second visit we will review your lab results to make sure that your physical health is not impacting your mental health. We do our best to help you heal because we understand your mental health and well-being affect your life. We are waiting to help you today!! 

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We treat the following disorders:
  • Major Depression 

  • Bipolar Disorders 

  • Generalized Anxiety 

  • Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)
  • Trauma 
  • Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) 

  • Panic Disorder 

  • Social Anxiety Disorder 

  • Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) 

  • Eating disorders such as: Bulimia Nervosa & Obesity

  • Fertility and Family Planning Issue
  • Substance Abuse and Addiction (Patients on Suboxone must be in the Rehab program)
  • Now offering Tele-Psychiatry in the privacy of your own home for our stable patients, increasing convenience while reducing time away from school or work

  • Now offering International Consult for Autism and ADHD Patients

  • Now offering Personalized Medicine to improve efficacy, reduce the number of medications and reduce side effects.

 For more information on our Addiction Treatment Program :
Please visit our Rehab Program Website: for more information.

CARF accredited and DHR licensed.


We DO NOT  engage in legal proceedings on patients’ behalf.  Depending on the severity of the need, patients may be requested to enter into the Intensive Out Patient Mental Health or Substance Abuse  treatment program.  We do our best to get you back on to your feet, we are not a disability doctor. 

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