With expertise in mental health, learning disabilities, and trauma, The Potter’s Behavioral Medicine Clinic in Decatur, Stockbridge, Villa Rica and Hiram, Georgia, provides patient-centered psychiatric care for children and adults.

Omobolaji Oyebanjo-Popoola, MD, and the team at The Potter’s Behavioral Medicine Clinic aim to unleash each patient’s potential, helping them resolve their conflicts, enjoy their relationships, find peace, and love life again.

The Potter’s Behavioral Medicine Clinic specializes in diagnosing and treating all types of mental health conditions including anxiety, depression, attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), and autism. The team takes a holistic approach to care, addressing the soul, spirit, and body in a private, confidential setting.

The team uses cutting-edge scientific modalities in a Christ-friendly and Christ-centered environment.

While most patients will benefit from medication, occasionally, a few patients need other modalities of intervention such as traditional counseling and therapy, Bible based Christian counseling, biofeedback, and transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS) therapy. They also offer Suboxone® for opioid use disorder.

The Potter’s Behavioral Medicine Clinic has a team of multispecialty professionals with years of experience, including board-certified psychiatrists, nurse practitioners, and board-certified addiction medicine specialists.

The behavioral health and psychotherapy clinic is set up to manage the total well-being of their patients. Their goal is to go beyond symptoms and address the root issue of the problem when possible.

The Potter’s Behavioral Medicine Clinic offers telepsychiatry visits and can see new patients within 2-3 days. Call or book an appointment online today. The team is eager to help.

Something else that sets us apart is our cutting edge periodic objective computerized testing, that measures your baseline and progress as you receive treatment. This helps facilitates your progress by objectively measuring the efficacy of various treatment format For example most parent struggle to start their young ones on medication. To rule out any underlying anomaly in the functioning of the brain addition to our clinical assessment we are able to objectively test for disorders and measure the effectiveness of various medication so that we use as little medicine as possible to provide relief of symptoms for your loved ones or yourself and minimize serious side effects to medication wherever possible!As a patient in addition to yourbinteraction with your clinician these tests helps you objective track improvement and efficacy of your treatment. This sets us apart from most psychiatry treatment providers.