Trauma Therapy

Trauma Therapy

Trauma Therapy services offered in Villa Rica, Hiram, Stockbridge and Decatur, GA

Trauma is your body’s emotional reaction to life-threatening situations. When you’re struggling to recover from trauma, Omobolaji Oyebanjo-Popoola, MD, and the team at The Potter’s Behavioral Medicine Clinic in Decatur, Stockbridge, Villa Rica and Hiram, Georgia, can help with trauma therapy. They take a total-health approach to care, focusing on healing your body, spirit, and soul. To learn more about trauma therapy at The Potter’s Behavioral Medicine Clinic, call or book an appointment online today. 

Trauma Therapy Q & A

What is trauma?

Trauma refers to the overwhelming feelings and emotions you develop after experiencing a distressing or disturbing event that exceeded your coping abilities. Trauma may occur after a single event (natural disaster or car accident) or a series of events (physical abuse). 

Trauma affects your mental, physical, social, and spiritual well-being. After going through a traumatic event, you may feel anxious, angry, guilty, or sad. You may find your thoughts and feelings confusing. Over time, your trauma symptoms improve.

However, when your trauma symptoms worsen and interfere with your ability to manage your day-to-day life, then you might have post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), a serious mental health condition. 

What is trauma therapy?

Trauma therapy is a type of psychotherapy aimed at helping people overcome their trauma. 

There are different types of trauma therapy, including:

Exposure therapy

Exposure therapy is a type of cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) that gradually exposes you to your trauma in a safe place, helping you see it from a different perspective. This type of therapy allows you to confront your trauma and control the fear it triggers.

Cognitive restructuring

Cognitive restructuring helps you make sense of your bad memories. It’s not uncommon for people with PTSD to not remember the traumatic event as it really happened. This may trigger feelings of guilt or shame because they see their trauma in a different way. 

Who benefits from trauma therapy?

Anyone struggling with trauma benefits from trauma therapy at The Potter’s Behavioral Medicine Clinic. Having good coping mechanisms is how you recover from trauma. If you don’t have the support you need, your symptoms may linger or worsen.

The team at The Potter’s Behavioral Medicine Clinic can provide you with the tools and support you need to understand your trauma and process it. 

You also need trauma therapy if your symptoms are getting worse and you think you may have PTSD. 

The Potter’s Behavioral Medicine Clinic understands the sensitivity surrounding painful life experiences. You need privacy and comfort when seeking advice on interventions for trauma and domestic violence in order to recover. 

With this in mind, The Potter’s Behavioral Medicine Clinic offers telepsychiatry consultation services. 

They also offer telepsychiatry consultations for families who have general questions about addiction and intervention options. These consultations are for advice only and not therapeutic purposes. 

For compassionate trauma therapy from a skilled and patient-centered team, call The Potter’s Behavioral Medicine Clinic or book an appointment online today.