Marriage is a beautiful thing when it works well. The way the Lord intended it to. Unfortunately, for a variety of reasons, roughly half of marriages currently end in divorce! While many estranged partners are irreconcilable, we have occasionally been able to help reconcile couples on the verge of divorce.

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No matter what the reasons are for the breakdown of your marriage, God still loves you dearly. Many suffer immensely from the ensuing great loss; the loss of family, home, peace of mind, and material possessions and the struggle to keep head above water, while trying to pick up the pieces of what is left from the legal, social, financial, spiritual and emotional complexities accompanying the process of divorce, can be trying even for the most hardy. The legal implications of divorce alone are daunting enough.

There is added complexity when there are children of the marriage involved, and watching them suffer unforeseen circumstances can be heartbreaking, particularly in cases when the divorce is acrimonious. It is even worse when one of the parties has a personality disorder and is challenging to deal with, or there has been abuse in the marriage. Added to this complex brew could be the demands of culture and faith.

There is a need to deal with many practical issues before and after divorce, such as finances, accommodation, child support, alimony, and your new identity. After divorce, there is also a need to heal and get rid of the toxicity that might have built up during the marriage. Unfortunately, it is at just these moments when you need the most support and understanding, that many friends might choose to judge you, families might abandon you, or those who might otherwise mean well, might not have the time or bandwidth to understand your changed circumstances.

In response to the trauma of divorce and the huge variety of issues that attend it, we now offer the Potters Peri-Divorce Coaching Program, in a safe and supportive, private, easily accessible, and knowledgeable environment. It’s as simple as logging in to your device in the comfort of your home. We work side by side with you during this trying period. We offer you emotional, spiritual, and practical support while you find your way back to the real you, helping you to recover much of what you have lost. Remember, this too shall pass!

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