What is Tele-psychiatry?


Tele-psychiatry connects patients and doctor or therapist through technology; it uses cameras at both ends over a secure internet connection. It is a convenient service that we now offer to our patients who are medically stable. While this service does not replace face to face visits, it can be used in between face to face visits or just to discuss test results in between visits. It cannot be used in emergencies or crisis situations; instead, go to the nearest ER or call 911.   Whether a patient needs medication management, Bible based counseling, stress management and/or life coaching; these needs can be met in Tele-psychiatry. Telemedicine can be a private, convenient, and professional way to deliver a full range of mental health services.   Think about how much time you save by not having to take time off work, travel time, gas and wait time, you can get help in the comfort of your home. While insurance covers certain services most of these services have to originate from another doctor’s clinic. Insurance does not generally cover services originating from your home. We are willing to extend such services to you in the privacy and comfort of your home for a fee. These services are only offered to our stable patients.

Addiction Consult

We understand the need for privacy for families who have general questions about addiction and intervention options. This is not a therapeutic relationship, it is just a consult to discuss treatment options via Tele-psychiatry.

Christian Psychiatry Consult

We understand the need for Christians to get expert advice on how to navigate the mental health or addiction system in the privacy of their home. We now offer this option on Tele-psychiatry.

Trauma and Domestic Violence Consult

We understand the sensitivity in dealing with your painful life experiences. The need for privacy and comfort in seeking advice on interventions for trauma and domestic violence is imperative for your recovery. With this need in mind, we now offer Tele-psychiatry consultation services.